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This was an entertaining cartoon, a funny situation and it has a nice animation rythm. I didn´t vote 4 stars because it requires some detail and polish, BUT IT´S PRETTY GOOD. P.D- like the Pulp Fiction Reference

I am giving it three stars because the animation and character design I think are ok, the humor is random and it works a little bit. This is somewhat good.

ZabuJard responds:

right on

Great Demo, it has a nice art style and mixes colors correctly. the music is nice, and overall the basic goal was acomplished. Deserves a save

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I haven´t learnt how to program simple games, but there´s no need to have that kind of knowledge to say that this game is bad. I mean, yeah it´s kinda entertaining. But it´s to short and the character design is awful (not that my drawings are any masterpieces, you can check them out on my account). The gameplay is unpolished and unoriginal. Plus the medals are too easy. THIS ISN´T BAD AS A SCHOOL PROJECT, but it isn´t very recomendable to publish this kind of games on Newgrounds. Please don´t hate me, I know I am too harsh, but in this world one must stand criticism :)

DIWAKAR responds:

Yup !!
Actually I am trying to improve my skills !!
I think you'll like newer games !

Nice game, but I think except for some really obscure titles like Wrecking Crew it isn´t that hard. My score 18 out of 20, wrote Ruslin attack instead of Rush and Attack, didn´t know Gum Shoe

It´s okay, but it is really a Flappy Birds ripoff, only that with different walls, theme, bird and background.

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Simply said: brilliant and complex

Another one of your masterpieces! It has a great balance of color. You have a great future!

This landscape is just simply beautiful, you are one of the best artist i have ever seen on this site!

YakovlevArt responds:

That's quite the honor. Glad you like my work.

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